Asset Management

We’re dedicated to the promotion, education and information exchange of the best asset management and sustainability practices in the industry.

This committee is open to members from all areas of the water environment industry. We work closely with the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) to develop and run asset management workshops and webinars, and create articles for INFLUENTS and the WEAO/OWWA conferences.

Asset Management Resources

Introductory Asset Management Documents

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Asset Management Strategies

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Best Practices

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Case Studies

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Report Cards

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Committee Chair

Kevin Morawski

WSP Canada

Akeel Ali


Akli Ben-Anteur

City of Greater Sudbury

Gillian Harris

Town of Lincoln

Bethany Ladewig

Region of Peel

Ramona Mirtorabi

City of Toronto

Dillon Occleston


Natalie Ribic

Halton Region

Danielle Anders

GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd.

Divyam Beniwal

RV Anderson

Mike Garaci

Pure Technologies

James Jorgensen

GM BluePlan Engineering Limited

Shekar Sharma