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The Magazine Committee of the WEAO is dedicated to providing value to raising the profile of the WEAO through communication of information to members and the public through our quarterly INFLUENTS magazine.

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Themes and Deadlines for Article Submission:

Spring 2022Innovative and Alternate Treatment Technologies * WEAO Conference IssueFebruary 11, 2022
Summer 2022Emerging Contaminants, Government Programs and New Regulatory Targets *Canadian Residuals and Biosolids ConferenceApril 29, 2022
Fall 2022How to Get to Net Zero in Your WWTP! Reducing Your Overall Energy Consumption Costs and Impacts *WEAO Conference recap.  July 22, 2022
Winter 2022Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Software *Canadian Residuals and Biosolids Conference recap *Buyers Guide**October 14, 2022

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