Operations Challenge

The Operations Challenge committee is dedicated to developing wastewater operators’ professional careers through showcasing their skills in five exciting challenge events. This is where operators cultivate team work, build leadership, share and expand upon their operational experiences and skills, all to help them with employment advancement and opportunities to move into management positions. The Operations Challenge Committee also organizes the annual Professional Water Operator (PWO) tour and the Totally Wasted Totally Wasted Game Show (TWGS).

Operations Challenge Events

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Committee Chair

Krista Thomas

City of Peterborough

Carrie Brunet

Niagara Region

Tammy Gerus

York Region

Barry Hughes

Durham Region

Jeff Johnson

ASL Roteq a division of John Brooks

Anna Lacourt

York Region

Ken Ryder

Conval Process Solutions

Daryl Stevenson

City of Peterborough

Paul Bongelli

City of Toronto

Gary Burrows

City of London

Stefan Fediw

John Brooks

Hany Jadaa

Lexicon Environmental Consulting Services

Kent Keeling

City of Peterborough